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SCCI Alphatrack understands the communication challenges presented to the mining community.

These day to day challenges can include reliable corporate communication, site security, site safety and workforce welfare. SCCI Alphatrack can offer solutions to these challenges and bring many years of experience and expertise to address them.

Being agnostic to manufacturers and having global partnerships with many of the major operators and equipment suppliers, a full turnkey solution is possible to achieve via SCCI Alphatrack.

Each customer can offer a unique set of challenges ranging from providing a simple Internet or Internet back-up solution, a wireless LAN or CCTV system for a single mine site, to a complete global network package which can benefit the whole corporation. SCCI Alphatrack is equipped to handle both the smallest and largest requirements.

Local terrestrial infrastructure is often unreliable and the delays in restoration of service during service outages can be damaging to the daily operation of any business. In addition long delays can be anticipated in terrestrial infrastructure provisioning. These problems are far from unique and can cause major disruption to business development. SCCI Alphatrack recognises that reliability is a key factor in any mining community and our solutions are always designed to provide the maximum availability possible for each location.

For multiple sites operating in the same continent, SCCI Alphatrack can provide a shared bandwidth network which offers effective use of a bandwidth pool, either for primary or back-up service, allowing all users on the network to share the bandwidth pool. Once implemented additional sites can be added at little cost and additional bandwidth added to the pool in a matter of hours.

Short term service can also be offered for geological survey teams with a variety of service options.

In addition to providing a mine site with their primary and back-up communications network, the additional benefits of wireless LAN technology, HD CCTV, ANPR, site entry systems and equipment tracking provides our customers with a complete solution package.


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