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The construction industry is often faced with trying to source suitable and cost effective solutions for their communication requirements. Be this a permanent terrestrial connection or a permanent or temporary satellite, wireless or 3/4G solution.

SCCI Alphatrack provides a number of solutions to suit either long or short term requirements utilising the most suitable technology for each application or location.

We appreciate that construction sites can be either in the centre of an urban environment, in a remote location or greenfield site all of which can present different challenges.

Service requirements can also vary depending on how the site operates and the number of staff or contractors working at any one time. From a basic contended satellite Internet service to sophisticated multi-site networks providing multiple services, SCCI Alphatrack can provide a solution.

SCCI Alphatrack understands that construction sites can be either long or short term deployments and therefore the services we offer are scalable and upgradeable. Equipment can be moved quickly and easily from location to location and contract terms can be adjusted to cater for all service options – with either rental or leasing options available as alternatives to ownership of infrastructure.

Construction companies often require remote sites to be integrated into their WAN or delivered into a specific location such as a headquarters building. In order to satisfy this requirement our service can be delivered to a terrestrial service provider either at a local POP or telecoms centre allowing our customers the option of direct access into an existing MPLS network.

Rapid deployment systems are available to provide Tier1 Satellite Internet Services. Deployment times are limited by local licensing requirements however in the UK and Western Europe deployment times are typically 4/5 days.

3/4G solutions are also available giving extended wireless access to LTE networks where connectivity would otherwise not be possible.

In addition to remote communications SCCI Alphatrack provides wireless networking options, HD CCTV security systems, site access management, ANPR and equipment tracking.


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