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 Global Network Solutions




Reliable and secure communication networks are essential to maintain a global diplomatic presence. Embassies, high commissions and visa offices provide essential services not only to their home government but also for nationals visiting from their home country.

SCCI Alphatrack has many years experience in providing these services to countries with multiple locations overseas to those just requiring access to a relatively few sites.

In countries where communications can be suspended or removed all together, an autonomous system is essential to maintain contact with a foreign affairs head offices.

Locally supplied infrastructure can be unreliable and intermittent supply of services can be frustrating and time consuming. Therefore a resilient prime or back-up communication service is essential.

Where reliable and uninterruptible connections can be provided on a terrestrial connection then this will always be the favoured solution, given the higher bandwidths options available, however, even these can fail from time to time and a satellite back-up solution is a good option. This can be cost effective and also can be shared between other sites on the same continent – therefore reducing the overall bandwidth needed for this network resilience.

In addition to this there will be sites unable to access an absolutely secure terrestrial service, or one that can provide a suitably reliable service. In this instance the satellite bandwidth pool solution once again is an ideal solution, and one that offers a cost effective solution.

Given the global nature of government networks and the need for secure and reliable communications, it is even more important to choose the right supplier for your services. SCCI Alphatrack provide the necessary experience to accomplish this.

In addition to global network solutions we realise that in country secure communications are just as important. Linking government buildings and providing Intranet services between these allows even the most remote office to benefit from a centrally supplied communications network. This could also provide services to army, air force and naval establishments as well as those for central and local government.

In addition to communications networks SCCI Alphatrack supply wireless and HD CCTV networks, ANPR and tracking systems, all of which help us to offer complete solutions to our customers.


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