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Internet Delivery Back Up

Internet Delivery Back Up

With the ever increasing demand for Internet services SCCI Alphatrack has developed a variety of connectivity options to suit all requirements and budgets.

This is particularly important in developing countries where access to the Internet is paramount to its development. Even in highly developed countries access to broadband can be limited or even non-existent.

Care should be taken when choosing a provider for your Internet service. Many business and home users experience bad service due to over contention on their connection resulting in slow service which at time can be unusable.

In many instances they are also not receiving the data rate they are paying for, or at the service quality or reliability promised. Many ISP’s are not connected to a Tier 1 source and therefore even before service is extended to their customers they are operating with a level of contention.

Where local infrastructure is unreliable or non existent, a satellite option becomes an important way to provide a reliable service, which by any other means would not be possible. This service is not limited to the type of end user involved, generally the only difference being the amount of Internet bandwidth required. This can be delivered to a single location such as a rural school or local Internet café or be part of a shared bandwidth solution for a mine, banking group or a hotel chain. The delivery mechanism remains the same for all customers and only varies in hardware by geographical location and local prevailing weather conditions.

Service delivery can be dedicated or contended depending on the number of users at a specific location or the budget restraints of individual clients. SCCI Alphatrack can deliver reliable and guaranteed service to any location and fitting any customer profile.

SCCI Alphatrack can also deliver the Internet service to a single location and distribute this via a wireless LAN or WAN. This wireless outreach can be fed by fibre, satellite or microwave. In addition HD camera surveillance and IP TV solutions can be incorporated in any network provided by SCCI Alphatrack.


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