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Carrying out daily business without interruption is vital for retail organisations that provide their services in more than one location. A reliable communications infrastructure is an essential part of any business and helps to retain market share and the productivity of employees.

Using its portfolio of communication options, SCCI Alphatrack provides connectivity solutions for businesses operating from a handful of locations to those with multiple hundreds of locations. Providing for the diverse and changing communication needs of retailers we offer audio, video, instant messaging, e-mail, signage and mobility options.

In providing services for retailers, there is also an option to extend these to the retail customers. This can range from point of sale advertising and daily discount codes etc. In the case of large shopping malls with multiple retailers, the mall owners can enhance the shoppers experience by providing Internet services, mall wide shopping discounts, ticket offers for cinema’s, restaurants and other entertainments which help to extend the shoppers stay in the mall.

Security has to be a prime consideration for any retail outlet. SCCI Alphatrack provides camera surveillance systems from a simple single HD camera to complete multi-camera systems with sophisticated analytics.

By providing a safer and more informative environment retailers can retain the loyalty of their customers. This is not only true of high street retailers but also corporate organisations such as supermarket chains and the motor industry. With a generation of customers now totally comfortable with mobile technology this can provide a useful communication outlet for retailers, who now add smart phone and tablet applications to their sales armoury. Reliable means of communication ‘in store’ is now essential to stay ahead of the oppositions marketing and SCCI Alphatrack provide the communication platforms that make this possible.


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