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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

In addition to basic voice and data communications access, oil and gas companies demand more bandwidth to support real-time applications that improve productivity, security and crew welfare. SCCI Alphatrack provides TDMA-based shared bandwidth solutions allowing multiple locations to access a centralised pool of satellite capacity based on real-time demand. This coupled with wireless, LTE systems, security and surveillance and asset tracking provides a complete package for our customers.

The communication content can include any of the following and system design has to be such that the service provided can address these and other future requirements:

  • E-mail, fax, messaging, web access and file transfer
  • Voice and voice mail
  • SCADA & telemetry, remote equipment monitoring
  • Crew calling

Geographical surveys, exploratory wells, seismic programs, pipelines, drilling projects and fixed deployments all have common factors which can include:

  • Tight scheduling
  • Short term deployment issues
  • Crew support
  • The separation of public and private networks for corporate and private use
  • Safety requirements and 100% reliability

Using an SCCI Alphatrack communication solution, exploration and drilling teams can transmit field data to head office for instant analysis and daily operational reports. Duplex communication systems also allow head office instant communication with field crews. A variety of both temporary, quick deploy and permanent solutions are available to suit each customer’s requirements and budget.

SCADA networks provided over satellite provides a reliable method of collecting data and monitoring information from remote sites including alarms from oil wells and gas compressor stations, as well as providing remote control of valves and compressors.

In emergency situations reliable communications with the outside world can mean the difference between life and tragedy. Using satellite communication site personnel can access emergency assistance quickly. This ability to communicate means remote crews can call for help and respond quickly in case of injury or emergency.

An SCCI Alphatrack network enables a variety of asset management capabilities and asset tracking.


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