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Banking, Insurance and Finance

Banking, Insurance and Finance

One of the biggest challenges faced today by banks and financial institutions is to maintain customer loyalty and offer services that maintain market share.

Many financial institutions have developed web based applications to provide new delivery channels to their customers and improve their efficiency and customer relations. Customers now demand finger tip access and control of accounts with the expectation that these services are securely managed.

Where reliable infrastructure exists these services are of course best delivered over terrestrial fibre with fast access speeds. However, this is by no means available on a global basis and even then this does not guarantee uninterrupted service.

SCCI Alphatrack is able to provide a fibre infrastructure complete with service back-up options using alternative technology such as satellite or last mile wireless connection.

Where fibre or copper infrastructure does not exist or is unreliable at best, a fully meshed satellite network solution allows all connected sites to communicate with each other using a shared pool of bandwidth.

This system solution is ideally suited to regionally distributed remote sites that need to communicate both locally and centrally and whose demand for network requirements change daily or hourly. This allows account transactions to be instantly updated and also provides customers account access at all branches,not just at their local branch.

Where remote site security is required SCCI Alphatrack provides a number of systems that provide local and remote HD camera surveillance. This is particularly important in rural locations where the normal security options enjoyed at major branches can be replicated.

Local wireless LAN’s and building entry systems are also provided by SCCI Alphatrack to compliment the communication solution.


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