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Rural Communications

Rural Communications

Rural communities are often disadvantaged purely because of their location. Effective communications can improve nearly all aspects of everyday life at national and district level in sectors such as education and health, agriculture and local businesses.

Access to communication systems in rural communities can be provided via access points in shops, schools, hospitals, offices of local government, local businesses and individual home owners. This can directly or indirectly help students, teachers, youth groups, farmers, government officials, health workers and small entrepreneurs obtain knowledge and information either outside of their immediate reach or difficult or impossible to obtain in any other way.

From a central access point a wireless LAN can be added to extend access beyond the original service landing point and also several rural communities can benefit from a single service.

Where a rural school or other institution is provided with an Internet connection this can perform a dual function by using the bandwidth during school hours for school activities and after school this can then be utilised by local people either for further education or as a paid Internet café type service thus providing funding for the schools education programme. This is just one example of how a single service connection can be utilised in many ways.

The Internet delivery services that are offered by ISPs to rural communities are not always fully satisfactory. Although customers must pay for the offered services in terms of bandwidth provided, the services are often not adhered to by the ISPs due to downtime of Internet access and providing less than the agreed bandwidth. This is of course not always the fault of the ISP providing the service but ultimately to the service provider of the ISP.

Where a rural communications network is set up nationally, or even locally, the benefits of a shared satellite bandwidth platform can be fully appreciated. The solution can provide a Tier 1 Internet solution with guaranteed bandwidth access and a single access point providing the service and not via numerous layers of connection with each of these being a potential failure point.

SCCI Alphatrack can design a cost efficient solution for any rural communication requirement. Contact us today for a consultation.


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