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Warden Call

Warden Call

Warden Call Systems and Nurse Call Systems

SCCI Alphatrack Ltd design and install a range of call and response systems for the public sector, local authorities, ALMOs and Housing Associations.

We are able to fulfill the requirements from simple call systems to advanced systems that incorporate two way speech and paging, pendant notification, fire alarm monitoring, occupant presence detection or scheme management solutions. Systems can be hard wired or wireless.

Our expertise and consultative approach ensures we are able to install systems that provide a vital means of resident communication for summoning aid when difficulty arises or simply allowing secure access for residents and their visitors. Our system designs also incorporate easy operation, allowing varying degrees of independence to the residents themselves.

System Design

  • Combined Door Entry/Warden Call systems
  • Standalone Warden/ Nurse call systems
  • Digital wireless mesh network technology
  • VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) Digital Speech
  • Future proof technology solutions
  • Garden, Courtyard and across roads building links
  • Communal Door Entrance Control
  • Low voltage smoke heat and gas sensors
  • Monitored Firefighters Switch
  • Personal Alarm and location identification
  • Broadcast Speech
  • Scheme Manager / Lift Call
  • Occupant present detection

Communication Units

  • Wireless room terminals
  • Handheld communications devices
  • Personal Alarm Triggers
  • Large illuminated alarm buttons
  • Door entry key fob systems
  • Calling device placements
  • Ceiling pulls
  • Bath/Bed cords
  • Conventional lamps
  • Buzzer displays
  • PIR’s for occupant detection
  • Alarm warning device for the blind or hard of hearing.

We currently maintain Nurse Call and Warden Call systems in a wide range of locations, including residential care homes, medical properties, and DDA compliant buildings.


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