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5 fibre optics copper cabling jointing Our fibre-optic cable solutions are designed specifically for the individual needs of our clients. All of our engineers are fully trained in OM1 OM2 and OM3 optic splicing fibre blowing testing and copper jointing. By using the latest technologies SCCI Alphatrack ensures that accuracy precision and the highest standards of service are at the forefront of all our projects. data cabling From the outset our expert telecommunications team plan design and install cabling systems which ensure that the reliability of your IT and telecommunication infrastructure is never compromised. Our cabling systems have the flexibility to change over time to compliment the development and scalability of your business. commissioning Following the installation of your network solutions our operatives test monitor troubleshoot and certify both copper and fibre cabling to adhere to the latest guidelines created for these technologies. This ensures the delivery of the optimal transmission capability for our clients data communications. copper recovery SCCI Alphatrack key personnel have managed projects recovering heavy cable in excess of 50km in Central London. Working in high vehicle density red route areas utilising multi-discipline traffic management systems takes precision planning. Additional cable recovery projects have involved the recovery of heavy cable in rural and countryside areas. Planning and taking into account the measures and precautions needed when working on width restricted narrow country roads. Transforming the delivery of telecommunications through innovation speed and future-proof technology