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global network solutions SCCI Alphatrack operates one of the largest and strongest installation service and maintenance teams within our industry 2 MINING BANKING INSURANCE FINANCE GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCTION RURAL COMMUNICATION HOSPITALITY TOURISM OIL GAS INTERNET DELIVERY BACKUP RETAIL designinstallmaintain background SCCI Alphatrack is a privately owned independent company and a leader in the global communications industry since 1992. Since this time the company has enjoyed rapid growth developing a reputation for professionalism technical expertise superior quality and service. SCCI Alphatrack are a fully accredited IS090012008 quality assured company. We are also members of stringent industry bodies such as the CAI Nacoss Gold Safe Contractor CHAS EXOR and many more. network design Communication budgets are not often highly considered when projects are in development but there is an increasing realisation that without a reliable communication solution business can suffer dramatically. By using SCCI Alphatrack all the available options can be considered and the most cost effective solution can be provided that meets the budgetary requirements of each customer. Using the comprehensive range of technologies and solutions currently available network designs can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements. From simple single circuit links to multi-node multi-function networks SCCI Alphatrack offers viable solutions based on individual customer requirements. Hybrid systems using a variety of technologies such as satellite terrestrial fibre wireless networking 3G and 4G networking can provide a reliable and fully integrated network solution. This flexible architecture creates a new dimension to the customers concept for their network. Based on either the client RFP or System Requirement Overview our design engineers will prepare detailed technical specifications and documentation highlighting the following major components Best recommended technical solution for system lifetime operation Proposed system architecture Traffic pattern analysis Bandwidth requirements System power requirements Equipment specifications The major factor in any network design undertaken by SCCI Alphatrack is reliability. This process includes the operators availability figures the selected hardware equipment testing professional packaging and shipping installation techniques commissioning and after sales support and maintenance. project management Following customer or internal design review the assigned Project Manager works closely with the Design Engineer and customer planning all aspects of the project to ensure timely and successful completion. The Project Management team handles all aspects of project implementation and resourcing including Implementation planning Resource planning Equipment delivery scheduling Pre-installation test plans Installation planning Test and Commissioning planning Post commissioning handover to Operations Support All aspects of the project management process is controlled by industry standard documentation packages. site surveys SCCI Alphatrack carry out comprehensive surveys to the clients proposed location. Detailed survey documentation and any structural drawings required are prepared following the initial site visit. The site survey documentation covers all aspects of the site requirements giving recommendations and instructions to our engineers and the client providing levels of responsibilities and the work required to complete the subsequent installation successfully. exorACCREDITED COMPANY SP203-1 OHSAS 18001 Registered HealthSafety Management 015 ISO 14001 Registered Environmental Management 015 ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management 015 3 procurement logistics Over the years SCCI Alphatracks close working relationships with the major manufacturers has given us access to quality products at competitive pricing allowing us to provide reliable value for money solutions. We also recognise that the logistics of delivering equipment to our customers can have its own unique set of problems depending on where they are being delivered to in the world. SCCI Alphatrack works closely with our customers to ensure equipment is delivered on time and in good order. installation commissioning Experience is the key word to describe our installation teams. All of our teams are highly qualified and experienced engineers. Sensitive to the protocols required when operating overseas the installation teams are capable of solving a variety of unexpected problems they may encounter. Support is provided from our base in the UK on a 24-hour standby basis during any installation period. The efficiency quality of work and knowledge of our teams is often commented upon by our customers and we believe this to be the highest testimony indicating that we have the right approach and staff to provide a first class service. Our installation personnel are qualified in all aspects of testing and commissioning. All testing is carried out using SCCI Alphatrack standard procedures along with any agreed additional testing that may be required by the Customer. Fully documented results are taken and retained for future analysis and referral. Site Built As files are generated noting all the equipment delivered photographs of the installation if customer permits copies of original survey reports and drawings. service maintenance SCCI Alphatrack provides a variety of service and maintenance options for your network. Depending on the level of support required and the urgency of the response needed we can tailor a support service that suits each customers individual requirements. This allows flexibility to decide on the package that is most suitable for the client. Increasingly we find customers have qualified technicians who can be trained to provide first line support. This not only reduces the MTTR time when services are critical but also reduces lost production time and maintenance costs. When sites are in remote locations and subject to adverse weather conditions that may prevent timely attendance the first line support option is often preferred. The benefit of second line and telephone support remains available throughout this option. All maintenance packages provided by SCCI Alphatrack are designed to minimise service outage time without compromising service and safety. 4 5 training SCCI Alphatrack provides a variety of training courses. Courses can be carried out either at our training facilities or at the clients own premises. The duration and complexity of courses are governed by the clients individual requirements subject to the initial skill level of the delegates. Full training notes are provided for later reference and attendance certificates are awarded upon completion. In addition to specific equipment courses SCCI Alphatrack also provides training on Satellite Communications Network Design and Network Management. monitoring control SCCI Alphatrack are able to provide a versatile flexible and extendable system written specifically for the control and monitoring of process hardware. At its simplest level any piece of equipment that provides status information via serial or ethernet can be connected to the system and be controlled and monitored from a user-friendly environment on a PC or tablet. Remote sites can be connected together via IP serial satellite microwave or GSM. In this configuration telemetry and management is shared throughout the network and it is possible to control and monitor any connected equipment. New device drivers for any equipment can be developed quickly and easily and integrated into the system. Customisation such as automatic switching scheduling asset management and link back-up can also be incorporated. Small resource requirements mean remote systems can be embedded discreetly and use minimal bandwidth for connectivity. communication networks As with all communication networks there are a variety of building blocks these build to give a complete system architecture some or all of these being required to complete a fully integrated network solution. These building blocks are common at the highest level for all market sectors with specific adaptations and options needed to satisfy a niche market sector requirement. SCCI Alphatrack provide a system design using these building blocks to give our clients the level of performance and resilience needed. Although the technology surrounding these blocks may have been around for some time they are forever evolving and improving. SCCI Alphatrack maintains a high level of understanding of these innovations in order to bring benefits to our clients. Customer networks can range from a single site requiring a small amount of internet to a multi-national corporate with global presence or government ministry with a large number of overseas offices requiring a large amount of bandwidth. Some of these will require all of the building blocks in a variety of configurations and others possibly just one. The basic building blocks fall into five general categories Satellite Wireless WiFi Microwave 34G Terrestrial Fibre 6 satellite Satellite is the perfect medium to use for rural locations and those sites needing connection to multiple global locations. From a simple single site location requiring an internet connection to a more sophisticated shared bandwidth solution addressing multiple sites in potentially many global locations. SCCI Alphatrack can design procure install and maintain a solution. Having access to many global teleports and thus multiple satellites to choose from a truly global network solution can be provided. Where internet is provided by a local ISP as a terrestrial service it can often be via many operators before it reaches the customers location making it unreliable and slow to repair. Satellite is used extensively to provide back-up services for those users that need always on communications. Once again dedicated bandwidth for this can be shared amongst many sites giving a permanently available service in the event of a terrestrial communications failure. Although not always able to give the volume of bandwidth that can be provided on a terrestrial network commercially the critical data required to maintain business activities can be maintained with an offering of reduced bandwidth and of course the more sites that have the service the less cost per site. SCCI Alphatrack has many years experience providing satellite solutions and the engineering team can suggest the solution most suited to the customers application. WiFi microwave SCCI Alphatrack brings the experience necessary to unlock all available options providing a coherent and reliable engineering solution. Taking the simplest level of connectivity a terrestrial point to point service this can be addressed with either a WiFi or microwave solution depending on local licensing regulations. Each country has a communication ministry which provides frequency allocation giving some comfort that interference issues will be kept to a minimum. With channel hopping options on WiFi equipment this can again minimise the potential interference issues. Microwave systems can generally provide more data throughput than wireless systems but the obvious advantage of WiFi is the ability to connect multiple wireless radios into meshed network solutions. This gives the ability to allow multiple users access to a network through a number of local access points. Each application demands a potentially different design solution and the engineering team at SCCI Alphatrack provide the experience to carry out site surveys and the link analysis necessary to ensure a stable and reliable design. In some cases it is possible to use online tools to remove the need for an engineer to attend site to carry out a survey. SCCI Alphatrack works closely with our customers to ensure all aspects of the design requirements are understood and met. 7 3G 4G Most countries now provide terrestrial 3G or 4G services. However these can be limited in coverage and not always available in rural or even some suburban locations. Access to cellular base stations can be provided via a dedicated line of sight wireless solution. This solution gives access to the networks data stream for distances up to 16km from the nearest available base station. Therefore where internet access is not possible by other methods high speed and high bandwidth can be provided even if the user is some distance from the nearest base station. Using a variety of antennae and hardware options both indoor and outdoor solutions are available. Surveillance camera telemetry can also be transmitted and received anywhere in the world which opens numerous application possibilities. terrestrial fibre Over the last 10 years many copper cabling networks have been replaced by terrestrial fibre. This high speed high bandwidth solution is now generally the most cost effective network solution. We all rely heavily on the global network coverage of fibre networks and the major organisations that provide them. SCCI Alphatrack utilise this network building block where it suits our customers requirements as part of a total network solution. 8 9 hybrid networking Where design dictates and our customers require not only WAN but LAN connectivity a combination of some or all of the network building blocks can be utilised. Landing either a terrestrial or satellite service into a location and extending this network using microwave or wireless a local LAN fibre or WiFi meshed network can be added along with 34G connected services. The complete infrastructure now becomes a true hybridised communications network with the ability to deliver this to anywhere in the world the network reach possibilities are endless. In addition to the above SCCI Alphatrack provides TV and Media Security and ground level Telecoms infrastructure installations. A complete communication solution can be provided to both large and small organisations. For more information and details for each market sector please visit our website Wireless MeshAP Wireless MeshAP Wireless MeshAP Wireless MeshAP ES Satellite Client VSAT Client VSAT Client VSAT Internet Security Surveillance RFID GPS Tracking Biometrics Site Access Control VOIP IPTV Fire Protection Electrical Digital Signage Control Monitoring SCCI Alphatrack 247 NOC Control Monitoring PC Tablet Smartphone Devices Customer Traffic Options Client HQ Terrestrial VPN LAN Wireless Wireless P-P Wireless AP Wireless MeshAP Wireless P-P Wireless Customer Site Wireless Mesh Internet Local LTEGSM Base Station Distant LTEGSM Base Station LAN Wireless P-P Wireless P-P Wireless Mesh Wireless Mesh Wireless Mesh Wireless Mesh Wireless Mesh Internet Security Surveillance RFID GPS Tracking Biometrics Site Access Control VOIP IPTV Fire Protection Electrical Digital Signage Control Monitoring SCCI Alphatrack 247 NOC Control Monitoring PC Tablet Smartphone Devices Customer Traffic Options examples of integrated network solutions Microwave Wireless Network Satellite Delivered Terrestrial Networks 10 Internet Security Surveillance RFID GPS Tracking Biometrics Site Access Control VOIP IPTV Fire Protection Electrical Digital Signage Control Monitoring SCCI Alphatrack 247 NOC Control Monitoring PC Tablet Smartphone Devices Customer Traffic Options Client HQ MIcrowave MIcrowave MIcrowave Client HQ Client HQ Wireless MeshAP Wireless MeshAP LANWireless Wireless MeshAP Wireless MeshAP Wireless MeshAP Wireless MeshAP LAN MIcrowave Client HQ MIcrowave ES Satellite VSAT Terrestrial VPN Satellite Internet Security Surveillance RFID GPS Tracking Biometrics Site Access Control VOIP IPTV Fire Protection Electrical Digital Signage Control Monitoring Customer Traffic Options Customer Interface Site B Site C Site D Customer Traffic Options Customer Traffic Options IPTV Satellite Internet Teleport Satellite or Terrestrial Networks Satellite Shared Bandwidth Networks 11 SCCI Alphatrack Limited Piper House 14 West Place West Road Harlow Essex CM20 2GY T 44 01279 630400 F 44 01279 630500 E Copyright SCCI Alphatrack April 2016 global network solutions YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER