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Perimeter Security, Perimeter Fencing and Intruder Detection Systems

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems in conjunction with the physical barrier provided by the perimeter fence creates the first line against attempted intrusions.

SCCIAlphatrack Ltd have vast experience in providing many types of PID deterrents within high security environments including Prisons ,MOD, Commercial and high security residences.

There are many types of Perimeter Intrusion Detection(PIDS)

Geophonic cable system 

One of the most commonly used is a Geophonic cable system, this is usually mounted on the fence line and the system detects the sound generated, and determines when a trigger level is reached to alert an operator or Alarm Receiving Centre(ARC)

Buried Detection 

Direct ground buried cable is ideal for unobtrusive detections in areas of wide-open space, This is unaffected by the elements and creates an invisible barrier.

Microwave Intrusion Detection 

Sensor’s are another type of virtual fence , this is based on electromagnetic transmitters above ground level that create an invisible beam When crossed this activates an alarm..

  • Taut Wire Fences that not only create a physical barrier to almost any height but can be designed with different levels of sensitivity.
  • Infra-red systems using detection beams and fibre optic detection systems. Are also available for perimeter detection.
  • Video Analytics and Video Intelligent Solutions – Many of our Perimeter CCTV systems installed are now protected by Video Analytics and Video Intelligent Solutions, combined with fence line security cameras this form of Perimeter Intrusion Detection presents its self at the forefront of technology, due to the sensitivity settings that are achievable, thus eliminating false alarms due to wildlife.
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