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Security - Service Management System

24 hour Responsive Repairs Service

SCCI Alphatrack has extensive experience with providing a 24 hour, 365 days a year responsive repair service, including an emergency response time from as little as one hour.

To ensure response times are met by the engineers, we have sourced and developed a skilled workforce who live within or local to our contract areas, including hiring apprentices from local 6th forms and colleges.

Our client has a single point of contact for all maintenance queries, building strong working relationships between the client’s staff and our own.

Our process for callouts within normal working hours is as follows:

  1. Client reports works required to the Service Centre Administrator (SCA) via email, fax, through a direct link with the client’s repair system, or through our Service Centre phone line.
  2. The SCA logs the works order details on our call management system.
  3. Emergency response
    • SCA allocates nearest engineer to the works via email facility on their personal digital assistant (PDA)
    • SCA calls engineer to confirm they have received the emergency information and to attend immediately
    • The SCA calls client to inform them that engineer has been dispatched.
  4. Urgent response
    • The SCA contacts the engineer to inform them of a callout to be responded to within 24 hours
    • If an appointment is needed the SCA will phone the main contact. Call logged on management system and details are sent to the engineer via the PDA
  5. Non-urgent response
    • The SCA arranges an appointment with the main contact (where applicable) and logs it on the management system. The engineer’s diary sent to him by 5:00pm for the next day’s work. Wherever possible we aim to provide residents with an appointment for the next working day
  6. The engineer attends site within the target response time and reports to the main contact
  7. The engineer makes every attempt to remedy the fault during this visit; if unable to remedy priority is to make the system safe
  8. Once call is made report back to the main contact on whether the work is completed or whether further work is required. If further work is required an estimated return date is provided
  9. Depart property and engineer’s report is sent to our Service Centre
  10. The SCA logs engineer’s report inc details of any outstanding works or job completion;
  11. The SCA immediately informs the client of the work progression
  12. The SCA then orders any required equipment and arranges for revisit within 24 hours for emergency call out

Routine servicing and preventative maintenance

Our SMS Tesseract 5.1 system is set up to assist in the management and monitoring of routine inspections and servicing schedules including planned preventative maintenance (PPM). Approved programmes are set up on the system prior to commencement by inputting the site name, expiry date of the last service/PPM and the frequency of the service/PPM required.

This automatically sets up the dates of future visits, creating a rolling schedule for the length of the contract period.

The daily management of the schedules will be managed through Tesseract by the service administrator. A daily schedule of the inspections to be completed will be sent to the engineer via their PDA and their progress will be monitored by vehicle tracking systems.

Tesseract operates a warning (traffic light) system to notify us when an inspection is due and warn us when the anniversary date for the last inspection is about to or has expired i.e.

Green: service is within date.

Amber: service due within 14 days.

Red: service will expire within 24 hours.

On completion of works the engineer will write up an electronic service report on their PDA from site and send it to the Service Centrewhere it is automatically logged on Tesseract and the (client) portal with the date and time of completion.

The service report will cover:

  • The works carried out.
  • Amendments to be made to the asset register.
  • Confirmation that the system is in a satisfactory condition or recommendations on improvement. Please note that urgent works required will be reported directly to our client from site.

Tesseract 5.1 enables the service administrator to run daily, weekly or monthly summaries on the services completed, including electronic copies of the service reports and test certificates.

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