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Access Control Systems & Visitor Access Systems

Access Control

Electronic access control systems range from standalone single door controllers to complex networked multi site systems that integrate with closed circuit television systems, intruder alarm systems and other building control systems.

SCCI Alphatrack are able to provide leading edge access control systems and advice on choosing the right access control solution, taking into consideration options such as proximity tokens or cards, biometrics, staff & visitor identification badge production, security systems integration capability IP or conventional comprehensive user traceability and muster point reports.


Card / Fob Entry Systems

Systems range from standalone to multiple readers controlled by PC.Cards / Fob, programmed to only allow access into authorised areas. The system can function to provide an audit trail of events as to whom and what time personnel have entered the premises and the ability to search for personnel through a building.


GPRS Transmission Media

GPRS is a much improved form of remote transmission media that still works over a mobile phone network. This form of transmission is ‘always on’ giving live feedback of all data meaning you can monitor LIVE incidents such as; door left open status, tracking access to and from properties, fire alarm activations, lift motor room alarms etc , The benefits of GPRS are endless and also more cost effective over time giving greater efficiency to our client.


Visitors Access

Visitors to the building may be pre- booked in, badges can be printed and ready for them to arrive. Access through the building may require an escort for the visitor to gain access to restricted areas or the visitor may have been granted access to common areas such as reception and lift lobbies. Contractors working within the building can be granted access rights with the system programmed to disable their card/ fob after completion of their works.


Door Controllers

The access door controllers can be vary from standalone door controllers providing access to a single door to either 4, 8 or 16 access door controllers that can provide access rights up to 16 doors within the same complex. Where the access system is managed by a PC and software, should there be a loss of communication to the host PC from a local access door controller—all data information to make card access decisions and input/ output decisions are stored in the local door controller and saved in the battery backup memory, once communication is restored—the door controllers will update the host PC of all data transactions. Modular upgrades with add on readers, inputs and outputs are available should there be a requirement to expand the system at a later period.

IP Access Control Products and Door Entry Systems

IP Access Control Products and IP Door Entry Systems work as standard non-IP based systems but instead they work over internet protocol (IP) and plug into your network via an Ethernet Port. This enables the management of the entry system into and around your building via a web browser and software system from any location in the world! In addition; IP Phones and IP CCTV cameras can be added to the network. IP Access Control products are much simpler to install which in turn lowers the installation cost and offer a much enhanced level of security recording where the public go including the date and time of which area they have accessed, areas can be easily restricted for access if required.

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