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ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Security Systems

ANPR is increasingly being deployed by security managers to control risk and heighten security at commercial and public sector sites

Benefits of ANPR Systems

  • Simplifies and accelerates vehicles entry and exit
  • Alarm on detection of prohibited / blacklisted vehicles
  • Live entry log for immediate viewing of car park/site occupancy
  • Imaging option to allow simultaneous capture and storage of contextual image
  • Maintains a current and historical record of vehicles on site
  • Improves security for both operators and users
  • Flexible database to easily accommodate staff, contractors, delivery vehicles & visitors
  • Elimination of swipe cards or proximity devices
  • Improves traffic flow during peak periods
  • Interfaces to variable message signs to display greeting or parking information
  • Interface and control of vehicle barriers, gates and bollards
  • Provides reports to allow asset managers to better manage resources
  • Saves money by reducing security requirements, speeding up access & by providing better asset management


Access Control & Site Security

  • Provides all the functionality to monitor or control the access of vehicles to a site
  • The software can be easily configured, ability to set up separate sub-databases and categories
  • Authorised vehicles can enter
  • Denies access to unrecognised vehicles
  • The system keeps track of the number of spaces available
  • Frequent visitor lists can also be used for marketing and statistical data
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided to give operators instant feedback as events occur
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