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Automated Gates, Barriers & Parking Management Systems

Benefits of Electric Gates & Barriers

  • Easy control of large volumes of people and vehicle traffic
  • Deterrent to trespass, break in and vandalism
  • Prevents unauthorised dumping of rubbish
  • Stops unauthorised entry to property/car park

What type of controlled access best suits you?

Automatic Car Park Barriers

The automatic car park barrier has become very popular in private residential car parks and commercial properties. With parking spaces at a premium in many areas this barrier system gives residents only access to the car park, meaning no unauthorised vehicle can take a designated parking space. This system can also be integrated into the building’s video/audio door entry system to allow access to visitors.
Access can be via tokens, a keypad or card access.

Gate Security

SCCI Alphatrack deal in all aspects of gate security, depending on your requirement there is a choice of wooden electric or sliding gates, steel electric gates or wrought iron electric or sliding gates. Choice is usually determined by which type of property they need to secure in either the domestic or commercial environment.

Sliding Gates

Automatic and manual sliding gates are the ultimate in gate security, like a moving section of fencing providing a high level of security. They can run on tracks that are laid into a concrete foundation or they can be cantilevered.

System Access Control Options
  • ENTRY controlled – EXIT free
  • ENTRY free – EXIT controlled
  • ENTRY and EXIT controlled
Means of Access Control Options
  • Door entry for visitor & delivery entry
  • Fob for resident/guests/staff entry
  • Exit loop for Free exit
  • Entry loop for free entry (may be essential if busy road or limited access area)
  • Door entry for visitor & delivery exit
  • Fob for staff exit
  • Token for guest exit
  • Door entry for visitor & delivery entry and exit
  • Fob for guests & staff entry and exit
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