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Broadband Over Coax

Broadband Internet Services Over IRS System

SCCI Alphatrack’s IRiS systems provide broadband access to every resident in a block of flats via their communal Integrated Reception (TV) system without the need for the running of additional cables into dwellings and with absolutely minimal disruption to residents.

IRiS solution guarantees excellent broadband speed and delivery rates and can be retrofitted into existing IRS systems or incorporated into the design of pending IRS system installations.

Why have we developed this Broadband IRS solution?

There have been a number of recent studies around the benefits of Digital Inclusion in the UK, all of which have concluded that Landlords must do more to promote digital services and internet accessibility.

Research shows 70% (Source: Office of National Statistics, 2008) of people who live in Social Housing do not use the internet. This represents the largest group in the digitally excluded population.

That means they’re missing out on all the benefits, opportunities and conveniences that computers and the internet can provide such as:

  • Landlord services (e.g. reporting repairs, direct email communication with residents)
  • Entertainment on demand (e.g. TV, music & films)
  • Information services (e.g. weather & travel)
  • Interactive services
  • E-Commerce (e.g. shopping, booking and banking on line)
  • Job searches and applications
  • Social media & networking

SCCI Alphatrack’s IRiS solution was developed especially for our Registered Social Landlord clients in order to give them a very cost effective and simple solution for making the internet available for ALL of their tenants and leaseholders including those in the most vulnerable groups of society.

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