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FTTH - Digital TV Services to the Home

FTTH Fibre to the Home & Fibre Integrated Reception Systems

Delivery of digital television services over a Passive Optical Network (PON) using Fibre To The Home (FTTH) or Fibre To The Block (FTTB) delivery method.

The system offers many benefits to the landlord over coax based installation:

Benefits of Fibre

  • Minimises the number of antennas required meaning that one antenna array can potentially cover many hundred dwellings
  • Fibre networks carry little no signal losses meaning that there are no cable distance restraints.
  • Reduction in the need for street furniture to house power supplies across wider networks
  • Fibre cable is significantly smaller in diameter to traditional coax. This makes housing the fibre cable a far cheaper and simpler exercise
  • Requires less space in the common areas, typically 25% or so less than a conventional coax system. This is an important factor in most new builds where space is at a premium
  • Easier to provide additional Sky+ multi room points within a property without the need for additional cable runs from the head-end
  • Flexibility to upgrade to additional Sky+ points in other rooms at occupiers request (either before or after occupation) without running extra cables. Up to 16 plus satellite television points in any home is possible using the upgrade path.
  • Broadband and WiFi delivery options can be overlaid on the fibre signal to all points


Fibre to the Home Installation and Maintenance Services

SCCI Alphatrack are able to take care of the complete system from design through to install including:

  • Design of the fibre network
  • Overlay of the duct work requirements on the civils deployment
  • Street furniture designs
  • Comms room and distribution node designs
  • Content aggregation equipment for broadcast overlay
  • Consultation services for upgrades from existing coax systems to a fibre to the home solution.
  • Technical services covering maximum through puts.
  • Explain the limitations of fibre networks
  • Explain the many options within the passive optical network (PON) families

With our partners we can recommend end point solutions whether it be for voice, video, data, IPTV, digital TV Overlay, WIFI hot Spots, all with QOS systems built into the network or ‘in home’ designs for Optical to RF terrestrial or satellite based signals.

Fibre to the Home End to End Service

As part of our end to end service we will also provide:

  • Fibre cable installation
  • Optical to RF installation services
  • In home distribution systems
  • Fusion splicing services
  • Fibre testing
  • Blown fibre installation
  • Content acquisition equipment
  • Content aggregation equipment
  • Purchase and supply services
  • Third party equipment deployment
  • Tower installations
  • Climbing services
  • Bespoke fabrications
  • Internet supply options terrestrial or satellite based
  • Point to point wireless links third party or supplied
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