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Digital TV Services to the Home

IRS Systems – Integrated Reception System

An Integrated Reception System (IRS) is a Digital TV aerial system installed in a multiple dwelling building (or a number of buildings) to provide a range of TV services to the residents. This system is delivered on standard coax.

The IRS consumer cables usually terminate at the main TV point in the resident’s flat giving them “plug & play” capability for services such as Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Freesat, Freeview, DAB & FM radio.

Other IRS System Configurations

It is also possible to add additional Foreign Satellite services to an IRS system to cater for blocks where there is a high degree of diversity or where there is a demand for non-English programming.

These configurations are usually called 9-wire, 13-wire or 17-wire systems and are installed based on similar principals to what is described above. The main and most obvious difference will be the number of satellite dishes required to serve the new system (a 9-wire system has 2 dishes, a 13-wire system has 3 dishes and a 17 wire system has 4 dishes). These systems also usually incorporate a larger “Head-end” and additional consumer cables to bring the additional services into each residents home.

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