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SCS - Digital TV Services to the Home

Single Cable Solution

Originally, IRS (Integrated Reception Systems) were installed with only a single cable to each dwelling. There are many thousands of examples of this in both private and social housing.

An advance in Sky’s technologies (Sky+) has meant that recording and viewing two channels simultaneously has become standard.

Sky made this possible by equipping their boxes with two tuners – one to view and one to record. However, to facilitate this, two independent cables are required, one to feed each tuner.

SCS cost-effective technology has been developed to allow a single cable to be used and in the event of an upgrade the existing satellite switches or TV network are replaced for SCS switches. As the switch is multi-standard it can be retrospectively fitted into existing systems without the need to enter the dwellings. (Multi-standard can operate in legacy or SCS mode). Sky+ SCS enablement can then be carried out at a later date as and when required by each individual resident, thereby not affecting residents who do not wish to take Sky+ services at this time.

Residents will also be able to have Sky Multiroom; the SCS system can support a third satellite tuner, meaning that now from one cable a resident can connect a Sky+HD box and a single input Sky Multiroom box, all off of one cable, once the system is enabled with SCS

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